Teewords 0.6.1
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Une version mineur de teeworlds vient de sortir.

J'ai une grosse flemme de traduire le changelog :

    Reimplemented the menu music by teetow (1a5d7045)
    Added spectate_next and spectate_previous to the control settings (2e09bd6b)
    Fixed the map download dialog (ffe40db0)
    Fixed the 'need restart' warning in settings (2179ae01)
    Fixed a problem with line input (65d312fd)

    Added the automapping feature (7bc07b61)
    Added ability to name groups and layers (d78c0d66)
    Added maximum zoom level for the editor (193fb192)
    Added layer/image scrolling via mouse wheel (ef881a53)
    Added possibility to collapse groups by double clicking on them (f7a9e801)
    Fixed the <Shift> key only changing the time of the point and not his value for envelopes in map editor (876eac10)
    Fixed an editor crash (bbd7a758, 694be7df)
    Removed load/save binds in the editor because they were often accidently used (896ef2f2)

    Added the strict game type filter (9fb36fd8)
    Added ability to click on friends to show their servers (fb309436)
    Added ability to filter by country (123eab41)

    Added different mouse sens for menus/editor (7648ba30)
    Made envelopes synchronized between clients (7b87cfa6)
    Fixed clipping issues on some machines (a3fec2f9)
    Fixed, so chat and teamchat can be distinguished in console messages (15e1d4f1)
    Fixed a tuning issue with demos (e18390fe)
    Made tab completion using nicks with the typed begin first (e1ef01f6)

    Added moderator support for the remote console (1ae47468))
    Added external console (a0a62bcd, b0fdc409, 2ba6fbd7)
    Made rcon completion serverside (571dff62)
    Added a message when an admin forces a vote (a6dc6f34)
    Added possibility to deny team changing after a set_team for a certain time, added server setting to do the same for the spectator vote (14f98a9d)
    Added server side automatic demo recording (e266c1b0)
    Fixed, so that the chat emote can't be abused anymore (8d5badc2)
    Fixed, so that spectator votes are aborted when the player leaves (348806d9)
    Fixed ban for live (1705c90e)
    Made it possible to restrict player information in spectator mode (957b81af)

    Fixed "no such cmd ''" on empty lines in cfgs (d5b38048)
    Made the dropped flag blink faster the last 5 seconds to indicate that it's about to return (ac9c3b8f)
    Fixed a problem with player collision (7db6d1e0)
    Improved sudden death in CTF (c10c7d9a)

    Added more than ~200 new country flags (38202d97)
    Bug fixes for jungle doodads and death tiles (d5e065b6)

    Added a script to fix all header guards (e6f0318b)
    Added emoticons names to the emoticons enum (instead of numbers) (63e059b8)
    Added ability to call all the scripts from anywhere (1850851a, baa2e650)
    Fixed header guards in some files (e6f0318b)
    Fixed line endings and some whitespace (06115dd4)
    Fixed, so 'structs are structs and classes are classes' (c2f75b00)
    Fixed build on GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU Hurd (ee50ab5b, 40330fd7)
    Fixed tcp (83d8422c)
    Refactored editor file names (0c6f187e)
    Updated scripts/ for 0.6 (d6f34cba)

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